What am I working on?

Of Darker Lands series – various stories throughout an alternate earth. A Gothic/dark fantasy series.

  • The Dark Archives
    • After an attempt on the emperor’s life, Daizau Minyan, Court Alchemist of Singgwok, is ordered to hunt down those responsible. However, his only lead lies with the dead, and Minyan is forced to seek out the fabled Dark Archives – a bastion of magic and magical knowledge, hidden among mountains. Meanwhile, the emperor himself struggles with rising civil unrest; groups of revolutionaries calling for the fall of the monarchy.
  • The Infernal Architect
    • When rogues ambush a group of hunters of the Sereian Order of Sontsina, Artem, his sister Vira, and his best friend Prince Reslan, find themselves in the middle of a dark plot: traitors within the Church are weakening the Order’s hold on the country. With his training finished, Reslan is forced to return to his life as a nobleman and the trio is broken up, learning to cope around their crumbling support network.
  • The Wretched Sonata
    • Castille and Arthur are an unlikely pair. Where Castille had long abandoned the Sereian Order, Arthur is a nobleman and student of geography. But the two share something in common: they’re both poor to the bone and caught in the midst of the Edremish invasion of Gaulle, robbing graves of soldiers and selling them to universities to scrape by. It doesn’t take them long to catch onto something deeper and more sinister hiding beneath the gunfire and bloodshed of the war.
  • The Wicked Few
  • Some Menial Endeavour (novella)
    • All Oleksiy Olinyek wants is closure with the family he estranged. But his heist to retrieve his parents’ sacred artifacts turns into a mission to save the king’s youngest son.

Stranger Realms series – an old idea of mine that requires a lot of overhaul. Kind of a mix of everything, honestly. From high fantasy, to urban fantasy.

Wokou – the story of a group of East Asian pirates during the Opium Wars who stumble upon magic being used against their homelands.


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