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Genre Talk: High Fantasy

I’ve neglected this blog. Whoops. I blame the executive dysfunction on top of trying to do well in school/make money freelancing and the executive dysfunction when trying to write to get published. It’s a problem. Like a grade A genuine problem. Not much of an excuse, I know, but here I am.

That’s not really what I want to talk about today, though, because while I usually work in alternate histories, my (sub)genre of choice is high fantasy. Like so many others. Like almost every other amateur fantasy writer out there. So what exactly do I have to bring to the discussion?

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Genre Talk: Dark Fantasy

Fantasy is just one giant pile of subgenres and subgenres, isn’t it? But that’s the beauty of it for me. There’s so much that can be done with it, but as I’ll be discussing with all my Genre Talk posts, it seems like almost all of them are stuck in the same rut.

So with dark fantasy, how exactly do we describe it? What is the definition of dark fantasy? As with almost every subgenre, the exact act of defining it is a little tricky (not just literary, either – if you have a day I highly suggest reading a bit on the subgenres of metal but that’s an aside).

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Genre talk: Gothic Literature

I feel like a lot of writing blogs focus on the author’s process. The actual act of sitting down and putting pen to paper (metaphorically). What it’s like to churn out the perfect sentence, word for word. You’re probably not interested in that from me – I have a very “sit down and write and don’t give a fuck” mentality about it all. It’s a first draft, I can stress over the exact wording of things in the editing stages. When I think about putting down that first draft, I just tell myself, write crap.

Having said that, the more interesting side of writing (to me) would have to be the process of worldbuilding and exploring genres. And I suppose one thing you should know is that I love playing with dark/Gothic fantasy. But there have been a few challenges I’ve run into while doing it.

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